Biggest Ganesh Idol in Mumbai

biggest ganpati idols in mumbai
biggest ganpati idols in mumbai

Biggest Ganesh Idol in Mumbai – Today on Ganpati Chaturthi Festival to praise Lord Ganpati various Aartis are done. Songs are sung and Idols of Ganesha are kept in home and Societies.

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Did you know? The total insurance cover for pandals across in the Mumbai alone in 2019 was whooping 480 crores rupees.

Hence to help you in better understanding about Ganpati, his Chaturthi, and biggest Ganpati Idols in Mumbai we the My Mumbai Life Team have written this Post. 

So hold your seat and be with us till the end of the Post so you could get valuable information out of it.

In this post, we’ll cover –

  • Ganpati Chaturthi
  • Biggest Idols in Mumbai

Ganpati Chaturthi –

Ganpati also called as Ganesha or the Bal Ganesh in his childhood has Followers all across Globe. Other than India, Ganpati has followers from Thailand, USA, Indonesia, Nepal, etc.
In the State of Maharashtra, India where Millions of Hindus worship Ganpati he’s popularly called as Bappa!

Every human being in this world has a day dedicated to his birth. Similarly, God’s have their days of Birth Celebrations. Christians have devoted Christmas to mark the Birthday of Lord Jesus, and Buddhist have Budh Poornima dedicated to Lord Buddha. Similarly, On Chaturthi Hindus Celebrate Birth of Lord Ganesha.

And It is one of the Biggest Celebrations for Hindus after Diwali and Holi festivals.

The Ganpati Chaturthi gets celebrated in August or September each year, a 10days long festival. To worship the Lord Idols of Lord Ganesha kept. These Idols are kept in Houses, and the Community Levels called as the Pandals (“Temporary Stage”). Donations host these Pandals from the Locals, Corporates, and Businessmen.


Now let’s start with our Main Topic, which is the Biggest Ganpati Idols in Mumbai. Here you’ll get the detail on Biggest Pandals, How to Get There and What is the Speciality of The Pandals.

Biggest Ganesh Idol List

1) Lalbaug Cha Raja –

lal baug ganesh galli cha raja
Lal Baug cha raja image


At the early era before world war 2, Bombay was the place of docs and fisherman.
Lal Baug was one of the places where fishermen and vendors used to sell goods for Living, it was the main source of income for all. Slowly and Steadily area got Transformed into a market which was Half the Size of a Cricket Ground.
It was one of the Busiest Streets of that Time, Lal Baug’s Ladoo and Farsans (Indian Sweets) were getting famous.
As the Popularity of this Street had started to increase this Place came into notice of the Government Officials and for the betterment of all the Officials approached the Landlord to Convert it into an Offical Market.

By this Historic Decision, this place now was not only a market but also a home for vendors and fishers. These Fisherman’s who were now residing in Lal Baug had very deep faith in God, to thanks their Lord they made a Ganpati’s Idol as a god on 12 September 1934. And the Idol was dressed as a fisherman, as this costume was something new to the Peoples visiting Lal Baug, these visitors started Liking this Concept.

Later the name for this Ganpati was Lalbaug cha raja (Navsacha Ganpati)

Facts –

Establishment: 1934, 84 years.
Destination: Nearest railway station Chinchpokli, curry road
2019 Speciality: This Year, Lalbaug cha Raja Ganpati Sarvarjanik Mandal turned 85 years old.
Theme: Current year theme is based on Chandrayaan-2 which launched by ISRO (Indian space research organization) on 22 august 2019.
Sculptor: Since 1935, the Ganpati idol sculpted by the Kambli arts family. Material and Size: The Ganesh Idol made of POP(“Plaster of Paris)” the height of the idol is 20 feet.

Inside Lal Baug cha Raja –

If you are planning to visit Lalbaug cha Raja, there are three lines in total.

1.VIP Darshan
This Line Specially made For Actors, Politicians, and Famous Personalities so they can take Lord’s Blessing without actually waiting on a Long Queue.
2.Navsachi line
This Line made for Devotees like you and me. Where Devotees allowed to see and touch the Ganpati’s Feet.
Average waiting time is 8 hrs to 10hrs
3.Mukha Darshan
This Line is for people living in Long Distances and cannot afford to wait for 8-10hours.
Here people not allowed to touch the feet of the Lord and can just get a Glimpse of the Idol.

2) Ganesh Galli cha Raja 

ganesh galli cha raja
Ganesh Galli cha raja image

History :

In ’90s era trades and texture company established by British East India Company opened near Lower Parel and Lal Baug, so Laborers from various other states used to come here to earn a Living.

Near Lal Baug, People from Konkan and other districts settled. Housewives started making homemade items like Masala, papad(“Indian Snack”), biscuits, pickle, jam, and Lal Baug got famous for this homemade product and economy growth was increasing. Thus the creation of new Startups and Job Opportunities increased.

Later on, people who lived beside the mills and market formed groups and name as ‘Lalbaug Sarvajanik Utsav Mandal in 1928″

This group started Funding various Institutions, increased awareness on Education, organized camps for Homeless.

Later on the group got it’s office near ‘Peru Chawl’ in 1928′ previous year the festival was about 5 days, in those 5 days people use to get together and perform skit, various folk song, Bala dance, regional dance, student use to perform dance, and elders used to play musical instrument, board( Maharashtrian folks).

The Ganesh Idol here started becoming famous for its structure and the way this Sarvajanik Utsav Mandal Group decorated the Idols.

The festival was of 11 days where people from other region use to come for a blessing. Further, the Mandal got famous and then its acquired the name “Ganesh Galli cha Raja’

Facts –

Establishment: 1928, 91 years.
Destination: Nearest railway station Chinchpokli, curry road. Parel Central
Specialty: Attractiveness of Idols
Theme: Current year theme is based on ‘Ram Ayodhya Mandir’ .
Sculptor: The Ganpati idol sculpted by the Bhagwe Arts.
Material and Size: The idol made of POP(“Plaster of Paris)” the height of the idol is 22 feet.

Inside Ganesh Galli cha Raja

Gates for Entry – One
Rows inside the Gate – Two
Exits – Two


This was all About Biggest Ganesh Idols in Mumbai. Hope you’ve got a rough idea on the History of Ganesha and his Chaturthi & what Celebrations did during the Chaturthi. This is not the only post more posts are going to come in the upcoming days. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our Website.

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In our upcoming post, we will tell about what are the Types of Ganesh Idol and Everything related to Ganesha’s Idols and Marathi and Hindi Aarti’s Translated to English which you won’t find anywhere on the Internet.

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