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Aarey Forest Mumbai – If you are from Mumbai or any time been there, you must be very much familiar with the Famous Aarey Forest spread over 99acres in Mumbai.

Do you know the Aarey is also called as the "Green Lung" of Mumbai?

Hence to help you in better understanding about Aarey, and why Aarey has sparked a recent controversy we the My Mumbai Life Team have written this post

So hold your seat and be with us till the end of the post so you could get valuable information out of it.

In this post, we’ll cover –

  • Aarey Forest – Introduction
  • Location and Area
  • What’s Going On
  • Flashback
  • Report
  • Petition
  • Conclusion

Location and Details-

Aarey’s Forest Location –

Aarey Forest Area-

aarey location
Aarey location

The Arrey forest located in the center of the Mumbai City is the World’s only Metropolitan with Natural Forest. It has abundant wildlife which makes Aarey unique. The Size of Aarey is similar to that of 1000 Cricket Stadiums with over 5lakh Trees. The Aarey is Estimated to be 6times bigger than the NY Central Park.

Aarey forest is not the only forest; it is the home to more than 10,000 people’s of the Adivasi Community living in 27 areas spread across Aarey. Since 1861 they are right few owners of the land as per the forest Act.

Anyone who has visited Aarey will never feel like it’s inside Mumbai which is has more than 20 million people. The trees of Aarey and Sanjay Gandhi National Park combined keeps the Pollution of Mumbai at low level. As it filters all the air that’s polluted due to high consumptions of fuels by the vehicles.

What’s Going On –

Unfortunately now, Dark clouds are looming over this natural forest as it is facing one of the biggest threats. This forest is happened to be destroyed because of the latest project of the MMRCL.

The MMRCL has planned to build Metro stations, and a coach shed. The Mumbai metro link 3 connecting Colaba in the south to seep in the northern suburbs in the project under Maharashtra’s Cheif Minister Devendra Fadnavis as a public transport utility.
The CM states that This plan will save congestion pollution and carbon emissions in the long run.
But the problem is the metro car-shed seeks to start a railway workshop where the coaches will be serviced, washed, cleaned, maintained, etc.’ INSIDE THE FOREST.
The govt is proposing the Metro shed not in a barren land, not in an industrial area, not in any other land but inside a forest. The denial has to do with the Adivasis. There has been pressure from the developers to open up early for the slum rehabilitation scheme. Experts believe all of this will destroy Aarey.

FlashBack –

In July 2017, Maharashtra Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar asked for evidence that Aarey was a forest. When we asked the forest department, they pointed to an affidavit.

"Because the non-forest activities have happened in Aarey, It can't be declared as a forest because it is not a forest."

The govt appointed a committee of experts to advise. Now three years later the agency has allotted the same piece of land for a coach shed, but it’s for a future metro project still they are not Planning to Leave Array and look for another piece of Land.

How this Problem Arose?

BJP, NCP and the court-appointed members voted for deforestation in the proposed area of the car-shed congress happily washed out BMC also has rejected the state’s proposals to destroy the ecology of Aarey with metro car-shed but the Maharashtra CM who is also Urban.

Development Minister overused this decision and allocated 93 hectares for the car-shed. In response to the public objection. Sudhir Mungantiwar has denied that there is any forest in Aarey. On 30th September 2018 illegally began cutting Aarey. The MMRCL later admitted in court that they had no legally valid permission but by then had already cut 205 trees at Aarey meanwhile, including many that were over 50 years old — making this one of the worlds most ecologically destructive Metro’s.

The government claims metro 3; crises reduce the emission by 10,000 metric tonnes of Co2 per year equivalent to the benefit of 5,00,000 trees. In which two experts are scientist’s they said what we had been saying that Aarey is not the place for Metro car-shed. You need to go to the back bay or Kanjur marg and if you don’t get those place then consider Aarey. But the government rejected expert advice.

Protest –

Many Environmentalist’s, Filmstar have come up to save the forest and the only condition they have to plant thrice the number of trees.
Where Shiv Sena opposed the proposal, BJP with other independent experts approved it.
Still, Shivsena’s Aditya Thackeray is opposing the plan of cutting trees. Recently on 29th august 2019, he twitted.

"Aarey isn’t just about 2700 trees, or triple its number that would possibly be transplanted (if at all successfully done as promised). It’s about an ecosystem in an area thriving with leopards, pythons, birds & what increased human activity, construction and machines would do to it"

Aarey Forest Petition –

Aarey Forest Petition
Pic By: Nainesh Tambe

Online Army raised many Petitions online over Twitter, Facebook, and Tagged many Celebrities in order to raise the Issues. #SaveArray is trending on Twitter regarding Arrey

Also, Petitions on Change.org are posted which just need over 1k to reach 3 Lakh petitioners.


Reports –

As per AQI Mumbai, air Quality Index is varying from 35 to 40, so we need clean and fresh air otherwise in future we are going to roam outside with mask.

Latest Report States that Cutting Down Aarey will cause more Floods in Mumbai and all the water will be pushed back to Mumbai Airport.

Conclusion –

This was all about the Aarey Forest, New Plans to destroy it and Latest Controversies. This is not the only post more posts are going to come in the upcoming days. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our Website.

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Protests For Protecting Arrey


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