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everything about chandrayaan 2
Chandrayaan 2

Chandrayaan 2 and Everything about it -If you are an Indian or you know about India, you might have heard about the ISRO – and the Latest Moon Mission by ISRO. In this post, we will present before you everything about the Chandrayaan 2.

Do you know India is the Fifth Country to reach the Moon's Orbit?

Hence to help you in better understanding about the Moon Mission launched by the ISRO and the Chandrayaan, we the My Mumbai Life Team have written this post

So hold your seat and be with us till the end of the post so you could get valuable information out of it.

In this post, we’ll cover –

  • ISRO
    • Recent Missions
  • Chandrayaan 1
    • Findings
  • Chandrayaan 2
    • Landing date
    • Highlights
    • Lander Name
    • Speed
  • Why Moon?
    • Why the South Pole?
    • Future Scope
  • Chandrayaan 2 Updates live
  • Conclusion


ISRO (also Called as the “Indian Space Research Organization“), is India’s Space Organization funded by the Indian Government. It got established in 15th August 1969 (50 years ago) was founded by Vikram Sarabhai, who was also an astronaut and a great Indian scientist.


The current chairman of ISRO is K.Sivan, who used to Design and Developed the Launch Vehicles for ISRO. He joined in the year 1982, to participate for the PSLV Project. Then he was appointed, as the director of ISRO’s Liquid Propulsion System Centre looking at his dedication, and the amount of work K.Sivan has done he later got elected as the Chairman of ISRO.

In the last three years, ISRO earned a whooping more than 62,000 crore rs (86474500.00 USD) launching 239 Satellites for Customers.

Recent Missions:

India built the first satellite named ‘Aryabhata‘ which was launched by Russia in the year 1975. India has made its Rocket launchpad named Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) Sriharikota.

ISRO sent first Rocket from Tumba, Kerala made by Abdul Kalam. And cycles were used to Transport Rockets for the First Rocket.

After that, ISRO also launched many more Space Missions like Chandrayaan, MOM, etc.

MOM – Mars Orbiter Mission is the venture which explores the mars surface. The main objective of the MOM mission is to find about the Martian Atmosphere and to study in-depth about the Martian soil. And to find out whether mars is suitable for humans or not.
India became the First Country to reach Mars in First Attempt.

Launch of Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)

Chandrayaan – The Chandrayaan is the venture which explores the Moon’s Surface. The objective of Chandrayaan is to learn about the Moon’s atmosphere and geographical condition.

Chandrayaan 1 :

Launched in the Year 2008, October 22, the primary purpose of this Lunar Mission was to Find Minerals, Photo-Geologic Map of Moon. And to find Chemical Compounds present on the Moon’s surface.

India became the 5th Country to reach Moon Surface, whereas seven countries in total tried to reach Moon.

Findings by Chandrayaan 1 –

  • Discovered presence of H2O and OH molecules with the help of orbital
  • The mission got all-round development successfully in Satellite Technology Development, Fabrication, Design, etc.

The Orbital Mission worked till 2009,29th August after completion of 3400 Orbital rounds on the Lunar Surface. And the mission concluded after the Connection Loss.

Chandrayaan 2 Information

This “MoonCraft” is the follow up of Chandrayaan 1 and was launched in 2019, July 22 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre.

Chandrayaan 2 landing date on Moon –

The Mooncraft landed on the Moon on 2019, September 07.

It is the First Lunar Space Mission to conduct a “Soft Landing” on the South Pole of the Moon. Thus India became the First Country to send a Space Mission to the South Pole.

The main aim of Chandrayaan 2 is to study the moon in all way, topology, its exosphere, minerals


  • Out of 38 attempts, only 20 have been successful
  • Made India the Fourth Country to Soft Land on Lunar Surface
  • Fully Developed in India

Chandrayaan 2 Lander Name –

vikram lander chandrayaan isro
Vikram lander Chandrayaan ISRO

The Chandrayaan 2 Lander name is Vikram total weight of the Chandrayaan is 3,850 kg.
Vikram Lander got named under one of India’s Scientist and Astronaut Dr. “Vikram Sarabhai”.

Chandrayaan 2 Speed –

The Speed of the Chandrayaan 2 is 6000kmph.

Why Moon?

Theory suggests that a Huge Rock named Theia crashed into the Earth and large pieces of Debris flew, then Gravity acted there and brought that Debris back together. Thus Moon came to Existence.

If the Theory is right, that means that the Moon was a part of the Earth. And a better understanding of Earth and its History is possible with this study, as the Moon lacks Rain, Wind, and other Elements.

And lack of those elements doesn’t allow decomposition and loss of prehistoric events. Hence the Moon can be called as the “Earliest Photocopy of the Earth!”.

Why the South Pole?

The whole Moon has weather conditions which are Extreme, which means the Temperatures can go up to 125 degrees during the Day and -175 Degrees during the Night. Hence there’s no presence of Water and other Micro-Organisms in the Moon. As if there was water, it could have evaporated in those extreme conditions.

But it’s not the case with the South Pole earlier Chandrayaan 1 had sent images of water on the Moon in Ice Form. If we find those water, then it will be one of the Biggest Moment in Exploration since Space Exploration.

Future Scope –

  • Discovery of Water on Moon’s will helps us understand that can Life can sustain over there in the future.
  • It Will help us to Re-locate during the times of any Natural Disaster, Over Population, etc.
  • And a Successful “Soft Landing” proves that in the future, the Missions will have enough capability to land on the Moon without Crashing.

Chandrayaan 2 Updates live.

The Lander has reached the Moon Surface without Crashing the ISRO confirmed.
But Communication is yet to be established 95% of Chandrayaan 2 has been successful. Rest 5% will be successful once the Communication has set.

Conclusion –

This was all about Chandrayaan 2 and all the details regarding it. This is not the only post more posts are going to come in the upcoming days. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our Website.

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