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ganpati aarti lyrics

Ganpati Aarti Lyrics– As we all know, we are heading nearer to the Ganpati Chaturthi Festival. During the Ganpati Chaturthi to praise Lord Ganpati various Aartis are done, and Bhajans are sung in Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit languages. Popular Songs include Gajanana Shree Ganaraya, Omkar Swarupa & Sukhakarta Dukh Harta.

To help you in better understanding about Ganpati, what is Aarti, and how Preparations are done for Ganpati Aarti. We the My Mumbai Life Team have written this Post. 

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In this post, we’ve uploaded an Exclusive Collection of Famous Ganpati Aarti Lyrics in English.

So hold your seat and be with us till the end of the Post so you could get valuable information out of it.


Ganpati also called as Ganesha or the Bal Ganesh in his childhood has Followers all across Globe. For Children’s among all other God’s Ganpati is the favorite. Even Ganpati has a special status in his Heart for Children’s all because of their Pure Heart. Ganpati enjoys followers from many countries Other than India Ganpati has followers from Nepal, Bhutan, Bali. Even Thailand is known to perform various Spiritual Aartis (devotional songs) praising Ganpati.

In the State of Maharashtra, India where Millions of Hindus worship Ganpati he’s popularly called as Bappa!


Aarti’s are done to Show the Highest Love to God. It is not just a concept in the Hindu Religion every Religion in the world has their way of Praising God. Aarti’s are not only referred to the Prayer’s which Hindus do in front of their Gods. It also relates to the Songs sung in praise of their Gods when light is Offered.

How Aarti is Done

The Aarti in real sense should is done three times a day, and some follow the Three Time Rule some don’t. But during the times of any significant Hindu Festivals, every Hindu Family do it no matter what.

The Preparation of the Aarti ceremony is done by first Lighting of the Incense Sticks. The reason why the Incense Sticks (called as Agarbatti’s in Local Language) is to remove all the bad odor from the air, which gives a perfect atmosphere to the Devotees to praise God.

Then the special Plate for the Aarti is being taken (also called as the “Aarti Thali” in local languages). A variety of things are kept in the Aarti Thali. Thali contains cotton, camphor, flowers, rice, Turmeric (Haldi), etc. The main among all is the Lamp (also called “Diya” in local language) which is being lit, first, the oil is being immersed in the Diya. Then, a thread is kept and before the Aarti, the Diya is being burned.

Scientifically, the reason why Oil is put in the Diya is, oil slows the process of the thread which is being lit. So as to let the Diya burn even after 10-12 mins till the Aarti gets completely over.

Each of the things kept in the Aarti Thali has its significance. While The Aarti is going on the Aarti Plate or the Thali is rotated in front of the Idol.

Ganpati Aarti

As we are coming closer to Ganpati Chaturthi we will relate it accordingly. The Aarti Thali is rotated in front of the Ganpati Idol in a clockwise direction.

When the Aarti is going on, Devotional Songs (Bhajan’s) are sung. In the Bhajan’s the Rat (“undir” in the Marathi language) is also given importance as the Rat is said to be the Vehicle of Ganpati. Various Ganpati Aarti Lyrics include the Sukhkarta Dukharta, Sindhur Laal chadayo.

Ganpati Aarti Lyrics:

Once preparations for the Aarti is done, the next thing that is being done is the singing of the Ganpati Aarti. Here we’ll be mentioning two of the Famous Ganpati Lyrics of Sindhur Laal Chadayo and the Sukhkarta Dukharta.

Sindhur Laal Chadayo

sindhur laal chadayo acha gajmukko ||
dohdil laal biraje sut gaurihariko ||
hat liye gulaado sai survarko ||
mahima kahe na jaye lagat ko padko ||
jay jay ji ganraj vidhya sukhdata ||
dhanya tumharo darshan mera man ramta ||1||
asthov sidhi dasi  sankat ko bairi ||
vighanavinashak mangal murat adhikari ||
koti surya prakash aisa chab teri ||
gadstal madmastak jhule sahshibihari ||2||
bhave bhagat se koi sharnagat ave ||
satat sampat sabhi bharpur pave ||
aise tum maharaj mokho athi bhave ||
gosavinandhan nishidhin gun gave ||3||

Sukh karta dukh harta

Sukh karta dukh harta varta vidhanachi
Nurvi purvi prem krupa jayachi
Sarvanchi sundar utati sindurachi
Kanti jalake mal muktafalachi
Jay dev, jay dev jay mangal murti
Ratnakhalachit fara tuj gaurikumara
chandanachi uti kumkumkeshara
here jagit mukukt shobhato bara
Runjunati nupure charni ghagariyaa
(jay dev jay dev)
lambodhar pitamabar fani var vandhana
saral sonda vakratundana trinayna
das ramacha vat pahe sadna
sankati pavave nirmani rakshave survarvandhana
jay dev jay dev jay maangal murti
darshan matre man kama na purti

galing lotangana vandinn charan
dolyane pahin rup tuzhe
preme alingana anandin pujin
bhave avalin mhane nama
tvameva mata pita tvameva
tvameva bhandu sakha tvameva
tvameva vidhya dravin tvameva
tvameva sarvam mamm deva deva
kayena vacha mansindriyrva
budhyatima va prakrutisaabhavt
karomi yaagn sakhal parssme
narayanayoti samarapayami
achytam keshvam ramnarayan
krushnadamodar vasudev harim
shreedhar madhav gopikavalabha
janakinayak ramachandra bhaje
hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare
hare krushna hare krushn krushn krushn hare hare
moraya re bappa morya re morya re bappa morya re
ganpati bappa morya mmangal murti morya
undir mama ki jay

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