Ganpati – Ganpati Bappa 2019

ganpati bappa morya
ganpati bappa morya

Ganpati – Ganpati Bappa 2019 – If you are an Indian or if you know about Hinduism then definitely you might have heard about Ganpati. In this post, we will present before you one of the Mightiest God’s in Hindu Mythology.

Do you know Ganpati has his own Festival also called as Chaturthi which comes Once in a year? And in India, it is one of the Biggest Festivals after the Diwali?

Hence to help you in better understanding of Ganpati, Chaturthi, and how Preparations and Decorations done for his Chaturthi. Ganpati Mandals and Atharvashirsha we the My Mumbai Life Team have written this Post.

So hold your seat and be with us till the end of the Post so you could get valuable information out of it.

In this post, we’ll Cover Ganpati’s –

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Chaturthi
  • Decoration


Ganpati also called as Ganesha or the Bal Ganesh in his childhood, has Followers all across Hinduism. Ganpati is one of the Most Loved, God among the children’s. All because of his Friendly Nature and his immense love for the kids. Ganpati enjoys followers from many countries across the Globe. Other than India Ganpati has followers from Nepal, Bhutan, Bali, and even Thailand is known to perform various Spiritual Aartis (devotional songs) praising Ganpati. In the State of Maharasthra, India where Ganpati is worshipped by Millions of Hindus he’s popularly called as Bappa !

As said earlier about his love for Children’s so to gain more respect from Children’s part, 3-D movies have released, Inspired by Ganpati’s Life. Bal Ganesha, Bal Ganesha 2, Oh My Friend Ganesha are some of the Famous Movies on Ganesha. This movie showcased his Mischievious Behaviour, his craze for laddoos and Immense Love towards the Children’s.

Ganpati History

Youngest Son, of Lord Shiva and Parvati, is Ganpati. His older brother Named Kartikey took great care of his Younger Brother.

Ganpati was not any ordinary child; the thing that makes him extra-ordinary was unlike others he was not born from his mother’s womb. Instead, one Day when Parvathi was bathing, she took all of the Dirt from her Body & made an Idol. In this way, Ganpati was Born (In human form). Soon after his birth, Mother Parvati asked him to look after her she was taking a bath. And stop allow anyone to enter until she finishes her bath.

Soon after Lord Shiva tried to enter the House and Ganpati stopped him from entering the house. Both didn’t know that they were father and son duos. Lord Shiva thought he’s someone different so took a sword and cut off Ganpati’s head. As Mother Parvati came to know about this, she started crying very hard. Seeing this, Lord Shiva asked his followers to go to Jungle and to bring the head of the animal which they’ll see first. Ganesha got the Elephant Face fitted because Elephant was the first animal in the Jungle which the disciples saw.

Ganpati Chaturthi:

As every human being in this world has a day dedicated to his birth. Similarly, God’s have their days of Birth Celebrations. As Krishna’s Birthday is kept on Krishna Jan Mashtami & Birthday of Jesus Christ on Christmas. In the same manner, Ganpati’s Birth is Celebrated as Ganpati Chaturthi.

The Chaturthi mostly comes in August and September, and it is a 10days Celebration. To worship Lord Ganesha on his Chaturthi, people keep Bappa’s Idols for Worshipping. These idols held in Private in Local Households and also at a Community Levels in Mandals (also referred to as “Pandals” in Marathi)

These Idols in (Household and Community) are Immerse in Locals Rivers or Artificial Ponds Ranging from 1.5 days to 5 days after the Actual Ganesh Chaturthi. Mostly in Nuclear Families, the Immersion Process is done just in 1.5 days, but in the Village areas with a big Joint, Family Ganesha is immersed after five days. And all the Community idols engaged in 10 days with grand celebrations like Music, D.J, Loud Speakers & Focus Lights. The worshippers chant Ganpati Bappa Morya in local Marathi Language.

Ganpati Decoration

The Festival of Chaturthi is not only a Blessing for the Worshippers but also for the ShopKeepers too. It is one of the most awaited festivals for the ShopKeepers as this are the Times when Money get circulated in the market in a significant number. Which also helps in giving a boost to the Economy.

The other reason why this Festival is vital to the common man is the Discount’s for which every common man wait. Due to the increase of demand for Commodities in the Markets the Automobile Industries, Electronic Company, etc. gives around 20-50% of Discounts in most of the Commodities the Companies sell. And that’s a priceless moment for New Home Buyers too as buying a Home During the Festival of Chaturthi considered as a Good Omen.

In this, Once in a Year Festival, even the celebration that happens are grand. People install Lightings in their Homes. Invite neighbors, relatives from Far Away. Prasads(Sweets that are blessed) gets distributed to everyone in the household after Every Day Aartis (Devotional songs) get sung.

Also along with the Prasads and Modaks, peoples keep Bananas to serve after the Aarti.

Ganpati Bappa Morya - Modak Pictures
Home Made Modaks (Chaturthi Special)


This was all About Ganpati. Hope you’ve got a rough idea on the History of Ganesha and his Chaturthi & what all are the Celebrations done during the Chaturthi. This is not the only post more posts are going to come in the upcoming days. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our Website.

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In our upcoming post, we will tell about what are the Types of Idols and Everything related to Ganesha’s Idols.

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