Top 10 Busiest Railway Stations in Mumbai

Busiest Railway Station In Mumbai
Busiest Railway Station In Mumbai

Top 10 Busiest Railway Stations in Mumbai – Mumbaikar and Local Trains are two most Inseparable thing ever, Imagining life without trains in Mumbai is like imagining Man without Water. For every Mumbaikar, Train has become a part and parcel of his life.

Did you Know? On an average over 7.5-8 million peoples Travel through Train each day in Mumbai. Which makes over 2-3 Billion Travels a Year.

Hence to help you in better understanding about Mumbai Trains and Busiest Railway Stations in Mumbai we the My Mumbai Life Team have written this Post. 

So hold your seat and be with us till the end of the Post so you could get valuable information out of it.

In this post, we’ll cover –

  • Mumbai Trains
    • Introduction
    • Western Railway
    • Central Railway
    • Harbour Railway
    • Trans Harbour Railway
  • Busiest Railway Stations
    • Introduction
    • Central Line
    • Western Line
    • Harbour Line
    • Trans Harbour Line
  • Conclusion

Mumbai Trains


As said Earlier, Local Trains has become part and parcel of Every Mumbaikar’s Life.
The reason why any Mumbaikar, whether it be a Small Worker or Someone who is in the most significant post in a Company prefers the rail route is to avoid the long traffic routes.
Another reason is the Poket Friendly travel the Rail Route offers. The rates for the Train Travel starts from 5rs (0.070USD) to Max 25rs (0.35USD).

The Local Trains in Mumbai get divided into four types, the Western Railway, Central Railway, Harbour and the Trans Harbour Line. All of these lines are according to the location and the Places.

Central Line –

The Rail Route in the Western Line starts from the CSMT and ends in Khopoli Station as well as the Kasara Station. This route has the Most number of railway stations viz. 49 station in all.

The Reason behind the two end station is the divisions of the route into two from Kalyan Station.

This route is the second most crowdest route after the Western Railway, most frequent trains are the CSMT-Kalyan and the CSMT-Thane.

Western Line –

The Rail Route in the Western Line starts from the Churchgate to Dahanu Road. This line has Over 37 stations in total.

Most frequent trains in Western Line is the Churchgate – Borivali and the Churchgate – Andheri route.

The best part of the Western Line is that there are trains in this rail route every 2-3 mins, making it one of the Most Busiest Rail Route in Mumbai.

Harbour Line –

The Rail Route in the Harbour Line starts from CSMT and ends in Panvel Junction. This route has 30 stations in all. And the Only common station between the Central and Harbour railway is the Kurla Station.

Trans Harbour –

This Rail Route starts from Thane and ends in Panvel Junction. Its one of the Most Popular routes as it connects Thane to one of the World’s Largest planned city viz. Navi Mumbai.

All together this route has 16 stations, this route includes Places which has Tonnes of IT-Park and Startups. Places like Airoli and Ghansoli are famous for their industries.

Busiest Railway Station in Mumbai :

In the above Context, we gave details in brief about
What importance are Mumbai Trains to the Mumbaikars, Types of Railways Mumbai has and a random fact about the Mumbai Rail?

Now, Let’s talk about the most Crowded Stations which are there in Mumbai to give a better understanding, We’ve divided the Station. The division is made according to the Rail Route.

Busiest Stations in Central Railway:

1) Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT):



Busiest  Railway Station In Mumbai
Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT)

One of the oldest stations in Mumbai, the CSMT is the Headquarters of Central Railways.
The CSMT has 18 Stations in total which makes it Mumbai’s most prominent and India’s third-largest Railway Station.
It has a World Heritage Site status given by the UNESCO which attracts both National and International Tourists.


2) Dombivli:

Dombivli Station

One of the Busiest Stations in the Central Line, Dombivli has 5 Platforms in total.
The Biggest reason why Dombivli is so crowded is that the Dombivli has an average population of 1.3 Million.
And of that 1/3rd population over there is dependant on Mumbai District for Job opportunities resulting in an immense crowd in the station.

3) Kalyan:

Kalyan Station

This station built over seven decades ago is one of the oldest railway stations in the history of Mumbai.
It is the fourth busiest station in Mumbai, and the reason is pretty simple Kalyan is a Junction which connects train that travels all over India.
Over nine lakhs commuters travel daily through this station. Long-Distance trains, namely Chennai Express, Netravati, and Mangala halt in Kalyan.

Busiest Stations in Harbour Railway:

4) Panvel

It’s the busiest railway station in the Harbour Railway like Kalyan Pavel is also a Junction where Trains from all part of the Country pass through.
Being the last station in the Harbour Route this station has maintained its beauty and has remained as one of the cleanest railway stations.

The part of Mumbai where Panvel is located, it also called as Navi Mumbai, each day over five lakh commuters travel in Panvel.
The express trains also halt in Panvel as its also a Junction.
An interesting thing about the Panvel is that in central railway it is denoted as (PNVL) and harbor railway as (PL).
The number of platforms are sevens from them four-station as a local and rest three freight and Express stop.
Trains like Konkan Kanya Express, Tejas Express and trains for surat also halt here.

5) Kurla

Kurla comes under the most highly suburban area in Mumbai, before Kurla station many freights and wagons come to rest named as Kurla car shed. Commuters from Punjab, Uttarakhand, Delhi, etc. trains halt at this station. Daily passengers travel this station is like 7 lakh, the number is increasing each day.
The nearest prime junction is BKC where all business commuters travel through this route. Kurla comes in a two-terminal designated central line and harbour line.
The Kurla station has a total of eight platforms.

Busiest Stations in Trans Harbour Line:

6) Thane

Thane is one of the busiest stations in the Trans Harbour.
Like the Kalyan and Panvel, even Thane is a Junction.
Being the place where the first Trial of rail route happened in India, Thane has its significance.
Thane is also a District, with an avg population of 10.1 Million making it one of the Highly populated districts in India.

Busiest Stations in Western Railway:

7) Andheri:

With over 9 Platform, Andheri is one of the Biggest Stations in Mumbai.
And one of the Reasons of Andheri’s busyness is the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport which is the Second biggest Airport in India after the Indhira Gandhi Airport (Delhi).
Many Flyers go to Andheri for the Airport making the station busy.

8) Churchgate:

Referred to as the Start Station of the Western Railway in Mumbai.
The Churchgate station is over a One and a Half-Century Old.
The total number of platforms in Churchgate is just four.
But Being the oldest station in the Western Railway making it the Headquarter of the Western Rail Route.

9) Dadar

Being the one and only station that connects the Western and the Central Railway, Dadar is one of the significant railway stations in Mumbai.
One special thing about Dadar is its platform code. Every station in Mumbai has a single platform code except Dadar and Panvel.
The Dadar Railway Station has 3 Platform code for each line.
1) For the Central line, Dadar has DR as Platform Code,
2) for the Western Route the Dadar has D as Platform Code and for the
3) Mainline the code goes as DRR.


This was all About Mumbai Local. Hope you’ve got a rough idea on the and Most Crowded Stations in Mumbai and reason on why is it so. This is not the only post more posts are going to come in the upcoming days. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our Website.

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