Top 5+ Famous Youtubers from Mumbai 2019


Top 5+ Famous Youtubers from Mumbai 2019 – If you are a User of any Social Networking sites or even if you know only a bit about the Internet then you must have definitely heard about one of the Most Popular Online Video-sharing platform known as Youtube. We have Sorted out Famous YT Creators and In this post, we will present before you 5+ among Famous Mumbai Youtubers.

So hold your seat and be with us till the end of the post so you could get valuable information out of it. In this post, we’ll cover-

  • What is Youtube
    • Why Youtube
    • What are Youtube Subscribers
  • 5+ Famous Youtubers from Mumbai 2019 List
    • Beer Biceps
    • Mumbiker Nikhil
    • Be YouNick
    • MostlySane
    • Dynamo Gaming
    • Ashish Chanchlani
  • Conclusion

What is Youtube?

Right now, Youtube is the most popular video-sharing platform where any individual can showcase his/her talent to a broad mass by creating Videos. Youtube is free to use site wherein users can watch Videos from Various Categories like Fashion tutorials, Tech videos, Pranks, Cooking Recipies, etc. Now, Youtube has started uploading their content with the help of creators. And this series of Videos by Youtube is named as “Youtube Originals“. Commercial marketers gain customers by sponsorship to the youtube creator.

Why Youtube?

Creators and vloggers make content that represents lifestyle, fitness, motivational, entertainment, comedy content. By watching online Tutorial videos, one can improve your communication skills, confidence, and can improve general knowledge by gaining knowing a variety of Topics. Students use youtube for educational videos. Filmmakers also upload their upcoming movie trailer, filmmaker such as NetFlix, sony pictures, universal pictures, etc. The best part about creating videos on Youtube is the exposure that Youtube gives. They have a feature called Monetization, which pays money to creators based on Advertisement that gets played in the creator’s Videos. On Average, any Youtuber from Mumbai (India) gets roughly 1$ for every 4k views, which means on an approx any Famous Mumbai Youtuber makes around $200-300k per month just by uploading videos.

What are Youtube Subscribers?

Youtube in order to Motivate the Creators and help out the viewers to get notified about every new video their favorite YouTubers upload have something called Subscribe Button. Whenever anyone presses the Subscribe button of any YouTuber it adds value to that Youtube Creator. More Subscriber any Youtuber has more is his popularity. Youtube also shows like and dislike ratio on youtube so to clarify popularity among youngsters. The music production company also upload their content on youtube and gain popularity.

5+ Famous Youtubers from Mumbai List

The list provided below is according to Findings our Team personally did and the list is according to the Descending Order of the Subscribers. Format of the List is according to [“Youtuber Name (Name of YT Channel)”]

5. Ranveer Allanbhadi (Beer Biceps) 

5+ Famous Youtubers from Mumbai - Beer Biceps, Ranveer Allahbadia Image
Beer Biceps

Ranveer is one of the most prominent YouTubers residing in Mumbai. The content he creates are Fashion wear, Types of Dress one should wear, Style, and Health Tips. The thing that makes him Unique over other Youtubers is he also makes Podcasts named “Ranveer Show.” Recently on his show actress Priyanka Chopra showed up for promoting her upcoming movie. Ranveer is also an Entrepreneur who has excellent acting skills, too, and he acknowledges teenagers. This Entrepreneur also has his studio where he shoots and edits videos.

Age: 24 Years
Youtube Channel Name: Beer Biceps
Subscribers: 2.3 Million
Channel Started: 21 Dec 2014
Date of birth: June 2, 1993

4. Nikhil Sharma (Mumbiker Nikhil)

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Nikhil Sharma, too, is a hardworking Entrepreneur who Aims to create videos that create history for him. Nikhil Sharma has a huge fan following, and he has inspired thousands to go and Travel across the World. In the past, Nikhil used to work with Qatar Airlines. Later on, he focused more on his family business. Nikhil Sharma loves to travel and make memories, once while on a Trip Nikhil uploaded a video on his channel that got popular. He started making more bike tour moto vlogs, and the first video of ley Ladakh he uploaded got loved by a vast audience. Soon got famous, Now Mumbiker has started his merchandise T-shirt back-pack, cap as a Label MN. 

He stirred up on a recent controversy when another Youtube Chanel named “PapaOcus made a Roast video — exposing him of “Using a Design” on a Tshirt he sold, which was available online without the designer’s constant — and not even paying any Royalty to the designer. The Roast video was then taken by Nikhil Himself later.

Age: 28 Years
Youtube Channel Name: Mumbiker Nikhil
Subscribers: 2.7 Million
Channel Started: July 3, 2013
Date of birth:4 November 1991

3. Nikunj Lotia (Be YouNick)

5+ Famous Youtubers from Mumbai - Be Younick Images, Nikunj Lotia
Be Younick

Treat me like a joke, and I will leave you like its funny. These words are similar to videos that nick uploads. Because all of his videos contain ‘savage‘ like content, he does in his day to day life. Taking about his talent, he’s a fine guitarist who loves to create music his friend Tushar also helps him to make video content; Previously, he used to work as a Bartender (serves drinks at the bar) then he and his friends started to make humor video on youtube. Now nick is an influencer on social media. His recent video featuring Just Sul and Urvashi helped him gain immense Popularity.

Age: 29 Years
Youtube Channel Name: Be younick
Specialty: There is a twist in every video he Uploads
Subscribers: 3.26 Million
Channel Started: August 26, 2014
Date of birth: November 29, 1989

3. Prajkta Koli (Mostly Sane)

5+ Famous Youtubers from Mumbai - Prajakta Koli with Fan
Prajakta Koli

Prajkta Koli is also one of the famous social influencers, content she makes are comedy sarcastic, entertaining video. Prajkta does a solo performance in every video she plays several characters in every video. The role she plays is Mom, Dad, Brother, aunty, etc. She has a music album named “Shameless,” which represents how a girl faces the problem and how she rules the world with shameless.
Prajkta Koli has collaborated with Bollywood star Ayushman Khurrana for a movie promotion. Prajkta tries to spread social messages in her video in a positive way.

Age: 26 years
Youtube Channel Name: Mostlysane
Subscribers: 4.2 Million
Channel Started: 10 Feb 2015
Date of birth: June 27, 1993

2. Aaddi Sawant (Dynamo gaming)

Gaming has influenced the minds of all age groups alike. Gaming also changes the way one thinks. Today, Everyone in the ages from 15 to 45, are ready to buy games as it’s not considered as a kid thing anymore. Playing Games increases speed, as all your six senses are active while playing. Games like PUBG (Player Unknown Battlefields Ground), Fortnite, GTA 5 have brought the revolution in Gaming.
Teenagers are now very much into completing levels rather than their Homework. To add more to Gaming teenagers like Aaddi Sawant came forward and made his career in streaming; he started playing PUBG PC. Viewers were ready to support the work. Then he started streaming PUBG mobile, and he attracts his Audience.
Viewers donate him on his live stream by watching his skills of killing in-game, people loved his trick of snipping and strategy used to play in Gaming. Aaddi Sawant is now a social influencer like another sponsor like (one plus),(Samsung) sponsor him to promote.

Age: 22 years
Youtube Channel Name: Dynamo Gaming
Subscribers: 5.1 Million
Started Channel: July 21, 2010
Date of birth: April 18, 1996

1. Ashish Chanchlani (Ashish Chanchlani Vines)

5+ Famous Youtubers from Mumbai - Ashish Chanchlani Image
Ashish Chanchlani Image

The Ashish Chanchlani Vines is the fastest-growing Mumbai Youtuber. The content of this channel is vines, in which he focused on a student’s life and day to day life. Ashish is famous for his adult comedy content teenagers of colleges liked his work. Ashish parents also support for his work, Ashish friends help him to be part of a video. As we know that making fun of others is easy, but making others laugh is a tough job. 
This 24-year entrepreneur is a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ashish recently had a conversation with Film Star Robert Downey, jr.(Iron man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Brie Larson (Captian Marvel), etc. Ashish is now a Brand Ambassador of (MCU), Recently Ashish uploaded Ashish named Spider-Man Far From Home promoted a video with Tom Holland (actor) movie.

Age:24 years
Youtube Channel Name: Ashish Chanchlani Vines
Subscribers: 14.2million (2019)
Started Channel: July 6, 2009
Date of birth: December 7, 1993


This was all about the top Five Youtubers in Mumbai. This is not the only post out there more posts are going to come in the upcoming days.

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